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What do I know???
Thursday, August 24, 2006

we all get hurt once or twice


that is a line i got from a friends blog. its a true line. one we all relate to. there are so many more truthful lines about love problems that come from her site. i think you should check it out i sware you will not be mad you wasted your time ion the site you will be happy that you can relate to someone else and have your problems dealed with so check out www.moi118.blogspot .com give it a chance.
Sunday, March 19, 2006
I know you totally want in on some fab games that are teasing to the brain and so awesomely fun on the outside....and the great part is that to get these awesome games all you have to do is click on awesome games. Check it out!!

facts: rocks and minerals

Here are some facts on rocks and minerals that I knew before we started to learn about them:

  1. Rocks and minerals are not the same.
  2. There are so many different kinds of rocks and minerals.
  3. Some are worth alot of money.
  4. Lots of people collect them.

Now here are some facts that I learned from studying rocks and minerals:

  1. Rocks are like an Oh Henrey chocolate bar.....rocks are made up of 2 or more substances and so is an Oh Henrey bar.
  2. Minerals are like an Aero chocolate bar.....minerals are made up of ONLY 1 subtance and so is the Aero bar.
  3. The oldest rock in history is in Canada up north and is over 4 billion years old.

When I learn more I will so let you in on more.....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What's on my mind right now?

Junior and Chico are my Bubbies and Zadies dogs. We're watching there dogs while my Bubby and Zadie are in Mexico. I can't wait till they come back.

Right now me and my mom and my dad and my sis are at our friend's house. We're having a GREAT time!!!

Well I wish i could talk some more but i g2g bye
Monday, January 30, 2006

Top Ten List of Singers/Bands

So........What's new? Sorry I haven't been posting AGAIN. Well now i'm posting again. Last post I wrote I mentioned (at the end of it) top ten list of singers/band. But I didn't have time to tell u about it.
So here it is.....My Top Ten List of Singers/Bands: drum roll please......

#10 Lonestar
#9 Hilary Duff
#8 Shania Twain
#7 Simple Plan
#6 Terry Clark
#5 Gretchen Wilson
#4 Green Day
#3 Trace Adkins
#2 Kelly Clarkson
#1 Avril Lavinge

What's you're TOP TEN SINGERS/BANDS LIST? You're free to share with me you're TOP TEN SINGERS/BANDS LIST in my comments section.

p.s. AVRIL LAVIGNE ROCKS!!!! But like u didn't know that.
Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello............Blogger friends

Hello...............Blogger friends...!!! Well today is the starting of the weekend. Yippeeeeee!! (Well to me after 4:00 on Friday is considered the starting of the weekend.)

Sorry I haven't been writing for the longest time......(this time of the year is always so busy for me.)

I got this e-mail and it has this quiz to see which cartoon character you're most like......Well I'm most like Snoopy:
I am fun, I am very cool and popular. I always know what's in and I am never out of style. I am good at knowing how to satisfy everyone else. I have probably disappeared for a few days more than once but I always come home with the family values that I learned. Being married and having children are important to me, but only after I have had my share of fun times.

And that's EXACTLY what it said!!!

But the part about the children and marriage is wrong....I really don't care if I get married.....Or..... Have children.

A while ago I went to the Hillary Duff concert. It was pretty awesome!!! Wait....Did I just say It was pretty awesome? Ok well than.....Let me rephrase myself......It was the most awesomest thing EVER!!!!!!! I usually won't say this but.........After the Hilary Duff concert............she is on my top ten list of most awesomest singers/band.

Well I got to go right now......so keep those comments coming and I'll keep the posts coming.
(Fair trade???) I think so.
Well bye
Saturday, January 14, 2006

My competition

Today I have a gymnastics competition. I'm going to die. My friend (who I really really hate is going to be there.) Ahh.........................! At my last competition I got second for floor (and that's my best event.) So this time I'm trying to get 1st place. Well actually I'm trying to get first place on everything, but floor will be the one I get closest to 1st probably. I really like gymnastics!! But I've been having some not so great practices. Well I'll let you know how it goes a bit later on. (When I get back from my competition) Cross your fingers for me and don't see any black cats.

I just got back from the competition, and here is my update:

Vault - I sucked
Bars - 5th place
Beam - 2nd place
and duh duh duh duh
Floor - are you ready for this.....? I Mars, girl who thinks that she sucks.... got 1st place.
and All Around - 5th place.

SO....who's the girl now? hugh, hugh, hugh......MOI.........!!!!
Sunday, January 08, 2006

OMG.... (oh...my god!)

OMG.....Yesterday I watched JAWS. It's FREAKY!!! Welll not that scary.
Yea.....That's about it!

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